7th January 2014



More Mondo...


 It took half a year, but I finally got another Mondo poster... See it big HERE.

14th May 2013


Mondo posters


So, after around a year in the poster making game I have sold about 2000 euros worth... giving me a profit in the low three figures. These people at Mondo can shift 50000 euros of posters, in minutes... Read about my experiences here.

12th March 2013


...Bloody logos


So, I can draw a bit. Why then does everyone I work with think designing a logo for whichever project we are working on 'will be easy'? Read about my latest logo fun here.

22nd Jan 2013


Great design can be found almost anywhere!


I am currently doing up a real ruin of a house... here are some design nuggets I have found underneath floors and within walls.