12th March 2013 - Bloody logos

For the last few years I have managed to get myself more and more involved in the design of logos for various European, national and private company science projects.


Sometimes I have been paid for this, and have put some effort into the design, listened to briefs, and made modifications, since I was getting paid for the end result... An example is this logo for Phytolutions... A German algae company... I designed the algae on the left of the below banner, which reflects to an extent what the company does, which is to use marine algae to produce various products...


I have also designed logos for science projects where I have been a key member, and have been able to decide how best to go about it, for example here, in the CORAMM (COral Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Modelling project) logo:

Now, what is more problematic is when I have got involved in larger projects, where a number of people have a say in how the logo should look. Very often some want sa complex logo, others a simple logo, some want text, others not, some colour, others not... argh...!


Here below are some examples of a project logo under development, and as yet, the final version has still to be decided... the iterations are given in order....

..Perhaps I am just terrible at logos... but combining water, space, robotics, sediment analysis, benthic pelagic coupling and extreme environments into a few lines and colours seems a tall order to me... Perhaps if I was paid to do this, I could get it right?


...I have other ongoing logo development woes I was going to include within this posting, but now I cannot face it.