14th May 2013 - The Joys of Mondo

As a designer of posters, I sometimes trawl about the net to see what other people are knocking out. After finding the Mondo website I almost snapped my pens in half in impotent depression.


These chaps, from Austin, Texas, have been designing limited edition silkscreen poster runs of cult films for almost a decade. In the last few years studios have really got behind them and work out deals so their output is, well, more legal than my own poster efforts probably are.


The Mondo people get a range of talented designers to produce their stuff... Superheroes and spaceships are popular...


Iron Man 3 Mondo poster - sold out in seconds.

..but arthouse and alternative movies get a look in too. I just bought this one, for the movie 'Hard Eight' - this poster kicking off their Paul Thomas Anderson series, and priced at a reasonable $40 ($20 postage to Europe, also very reasonable).


Great Mondo poster for 'Hard Eight', which i just bought...

The real gimmick of Mondo is that they trickle release their posters. When you sign up, they email you the day before a release, with juicy close-up images, some banter about the artist etc. If you are interested in the poster, you have to be GLUED to twitter the following day, as they RELEASE THE POSTERS AT RANDOM TIMES!!!!




But exciting.


Most posters have runs of a few hundred, 5 or 6 hundred for some. When a design is sold out, it is sold out. This maintains the collectability and excitement of the whole thing.


I have tried 3 times to get posters, the last, for 'Army of Darkness', sold out in a couple of minutes, and though I saw the sale come on twitter, their server was swamped and I missed out... This one above, 'Hard Eight' took almost 20 minutes to sell out. No Zombies or spaceships. Nice design though. I better go rent the movie.