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Jan 22nd 2013


I am now living with my family in a near-ruin. A small cottage was built on the land we foolishly bought about 110 years ago. In the decades between then and now, extensions, plumbing and electricity have been vaguely added to the property. These additions are causing me us no end of headaches, but occasionally, they are providing us with treasure...


...look at this picture of the crap which fell down when i removed the first (of 3!) ceilings in one of the extensions:

..see that flash of red sticking out from the rat nest remains? turned out to be an uneaten, perfectly preserved advertisment for a summer sale in a local department store, from 1962!


Lovely bold colours in a 3 colour print.


Elsewhere in the house I have found 'Bild' newspapers reporting the Apollo landings, numerous catalogues from the 1960s, some underwear flyers, one pornographic magazine and some design magazines from the 1970s. I am unsure which of these treasures is my favourite.


The house was owned by a convicted thief and burglar. These pieces of lost design are nice, but I could really do with unearthing his stolen loot. I have 4 or 5 more rooms in a state worse than this one here, so I may still be lucky in finding something. I found his burglary kit of 100s of different yale keys, bolt cutters and various wire bits and bobs... oh, and parts of the missing property from my neighbours but, as yet, no stolen gold.