An image from the 'Feralis' series.


This is the homepage of my friend and occasional collaborator Suzy Moxhay. Her illustrations of the future are some of the most pessimistic I have ever seen... Great!


This is the sci-fi blog page of another periodic collaborator, the sci-fi author Jason Ward. Reading his musings on current fantastical fiction and film releases can be a refreshing release from the grind of daily worklife.


A short run publishing company in the UK. They have rejected (or ignored) every submission I have ever sent their way, but I still like some of their stuff...


Here is the homepage of the eco-friendly screen printers currently printing the first of my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' posters... fingers crossed there!

They offer a number of nice printing services.


Great new online store with a huge, ever changing selection of great books and what seems to be an unlimited supply of vintage SF magazines - the chutzpah of some of the illustrators therein!  wow!


A specialist bookstore selling rare first editions of a range of genre and non-genre fiction... and my prints!  Nicely designed website with some mouthwatering items.