Past Exhibitions and Conventions

Eastercon 2014 - Heathrow, UK

My posters in A3 format, a new icon design from my 'Tropes and Themes' series, and books from Beccon Publications.

I spent last weekend at my first 'Eastercon' science fiction convention, at a hotel near Heathrow, London. It was great. I shared a dealers room with Roger Robinson of Beccon Publications and Andy England, collector of wonderful pulps and less wonderful DAW paperbacks. Erik Arthur, due to share the room with us was unfortunately mostly absent, taking care of the affairs of the recently departed Ted Ball. A real loss to fans of printed science fiction... Along with Erik, and before my time, Dave Gibson, he ran the 'Fantasy Centre' bookshop in London. They sold me throughout my latter teenage years up until the shops closure last decade, many of the books from my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' range.

...For those who remember the 'Fantasy Centre', and those who do not but would like to somehow understand the mindset of the many people that became tied to the shop, occasionally tightly, I would reccommend the wonderful article by James bacon HERE. For those with an interest in getting details on Ted Ball's wake, refer to Ansible 333, HERE.

World Fantasy Convention 2013 survived...

I just got back to Germany from the World Fantasy Convention 2013, which was held in Brighton, UK. It was a stressy business for me to present my illustrations. Luckily they were quite well received. I would like to thank all those who helped me out, both with the selling and in the meeting of important players in the Fantasy illustration field.

Here I am, looking tired. The big acrylic painting of 'The English Channel' is on its way to the USA now... Thanks, buyers!

Sept - Dec 2012 Fantastic Travel Destinations Exhibition

From September 21st 2012, 15 of the posters from the Fantastic Travel Destinations project were exhibited at Jacobs UNiversity Bremen in the IRC library.


The show also correlated with the launch of the project book, available HERE in the site shop.


The private view on the 21st September was a great success, boosted by support from the Jacobs University arts club and the library staff. Thank you to all of you who attended and especially purchasers.


A number of images from the event are given below:

The artist hard at work setting up the show (colleagues who helped carry and stick stuff together not shown).
Lots of people turned up... Thanks!
...this looks like me explaining how i basically copied the illustrative style from 'Tintin'. Again.
Several greats from the world of marine biology here, NOT looking at the posters, I note...
Posters mounted on chipboard. Cheap. I pretended it was part of the design.
Solaris and Pandemonium Shadow Show have both been popular. Concrete Island, less so!
Don't I look happy? Probably because I only lost 300 euro on putting on the show... could have been considerably worse...