Antwerp Convention 2014

The Antwerp Convention is over... nice to meet and talk to so many people. I shall remember the tall guy dressed as Princess Peach from Mario for a long, long time....


I have a few of the prints available, so if you would like, order them below. Only a couple of Boba Fett's are left....


I have put a few pictures from the event at the bottom... including Gemma Whelan, holding my drawing of her! wow!

Alan Harris is 'Bossk'! A3 Limited edition print

Alan Harris is 'Bossk'!
Alan Harris is Bossk!
20.00 GBP

An A3 limited edition print of Alan Harris as Bossk - attendee of Antwerp convention.


Jeremy Bullock is "Boba Fett"! A3 Limited edition print

Jeremy Bulloch is Boba Fett!
20.00 GBP

An A3 limited edition print of Jeremy Bulloch is Boba Fett - attendee of Antwerp convention.


Colin Baker is 'The 6th Doctor'! A3 Limited edition print

Colin Baker is 'The 6th Doctor'
Colin Baker - 6th Doctor Antwerp Print
20.00 GBP

An A3 limited edition print of Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor - attendee of Antwerp convention.


David Warner - Watercolour print - 'Sark' in Tron

David Warner. A great villain in so much visual sci-fi.

In this 7 colour print I show David Warner in perhaps my favorite of his roles. He was great as the baddie in both the real and virtual worlds in 'Tron'. Although I personally loved his evil businessman cream suit in the real world scenes, I have gone here for his 'Sark' computer world look. Hope you like it!



Printed A3 (40 x 32 cm) Playmobil to scale!

Medium: Pigment Ultrachrome K3 print.
Paper: 300gsm HQ fine art paper

Size: A3 (40 x 32 cm)
Edition size: 40

Numbered: Yes
Signed: On request
Shipping date: Shipping now

Impressive Star Wars droids.
A fantastic Judge Dredd.
Gemma Whelan, taking time out of portraying the terrifying, sword wielding princess of the Iron Islands, to pose with my illustration of her... Thanks, Gemma!