37. The English Channel

Few books are quite so English as 'War of the Worlds'. Few English locations within the book are as important to the nation as the cliffs of Dover. I took some liberties in putting 'HMS Thunder Child' here, but whatever.

Detail of 'HMS Thunder Child'
37: The English Channel
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Fantastic Travel Destinations 'The English Channel'

Professionally printed poster

Size 90 x 70 cm

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'The English Channel' Acrylic painting

I produced a 1m60 x 1m10 one-off acrylic painting from this design. It was the focus of my display at the WFC2013, and thankfully it sold. It is now on display in a household in the USA. Thanks a lot, dear buyers!

Here I am next to the acrylic painting. I bet it looks better in the buyers house....