43. Los Angeles

This two colour poster is designed to be screen printed onto yellow paper. It is based on a classic of sci-fi/horror, Richard Matheson's 'I am Legend'. The book has been cited as the key inspiration for George A. Romero and his zombie movies... And therefore for 5 - 10% of all current movies / TV series / computer games.


Seldom has fiction revisited the zombie vampire apocalypse (other than in tie-in novels) - Max Brooks is the exception in trying to do something jolly with the theme. Most of the 'similar destinations' on this poster, therefore, refer to visual zombie infestations.

2 colour screen print on yellow card. Edition size: 60
The design in detail. See our hero and the zombie / vampires?
43: Los Angeles Screen Print

Fantastic Travel Destinations 'The Plateau of Leng' limited edition screen print.

Edition size: 60
2 Colour professionally printed screen print
A1 100% recycled hand made yellow card (printed area measures 28.5 cm x 56 cm)
Hand numbered and initialed (signed on request)

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