45. Aerodrome (2nd Version)

'The Aerodrome' by Rex Warner is a terriffic book. The uncertainty of our 'hero' is palpable throughout, and it is rather difficult to say for sure whether we would have made the same choices as he did. Anyway, I am pleased with the original poster I did for this book (HERE), but I always had the layout of the poster below also in my mind....  I really should do 2nd versions of my more popular destinations, such as 'Arrakis', rather than these obtuse ones... oh well.

45. Aerodrome (2nd Version) - full image
45. Aerodrome (2nd Version) - Details of two characters
45. Aerodrome (2nd Version)
24.00 GBP

Artist: Autun Purser
Technique: Professionally printed poster
Format: 90 x 60 cm

Series: Fantastic Travel Destinations