47. Caverna

The majority of books in this range are of a certain age, and considered 'classics' (though, with some, such as 'The Aerodrome' - near lost classics). This latest design is based on a location from 'A Face Like Glass' by Frances Hardinge. I met the author a couple of years ago at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, and she kindly let my do a design based on the book.


Set in a twisted underground city, there were many locations possible for the poster series, and I came close to doing the 'banquet island', but in the end I chose the 'Cabinet of Curiosities', where the near-immortal ruler of the city puts all his objects d'art.  The 'dragonfly in amber as big as a mans arm' was great fun to draw...The three headed cow less so, hence its absence from the final design...

47. Caverna
24.00 GBP

Artist: Autun Purser
Technique: Professionally printed poster
Format: 90 x 60 cm

Series: Fantastic Travel Destinations