51. Westville

I get a fair few requests for illustrations for locations, and if I like the book suggested, I put these ideas under consideration. I am particularly keen on adding some of the lesser known locations from lesser known books by big names to the series. Here we have the location of 'Westville', inhabited by the big space alien pet in Heinleins 'Star Beast'. As a younger fella I enjoyed his romps aimed at teenage readers - this book less than 'Have Spacesuit, Will Travel' perhaps, but this is the book suggested, and boy, was it fun drawing the 'Star Beast'.  This same scale technique will soon be used on the fothcoming 'War with the Newts' illustration....'soon'.

51. Westville
24.00 GBP

Artist: Autun Purser
Technique: Professionally printed poster
Format: 90 x 60 cm

Series: Fantastic Travel Destinations


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