52. Kastlein

Hermann Hesse wrote many books that I would consider rather unusual, and suitable for potential inclusion in this series. In Das Glasperlenspiel he talks of a castle community or region, within which obtuse learning takes place whilst in the surrounding world, some sort of post-apocalyptic society has developed over centuries following a turning point in the history of man.


In the illustration I have again placed a Vulcan bomber, through which a tree has grown to maturity, to somehow indicate the long passage of time since the last war.


I enjoy tales of these odd gated communities... perhaps i should add some more designs based obn the 'ähnliche Reiseziele' above... I suppose I have done enough J.G.Ballard interpretations..? Maybe a 'Millenium People' or 'Cocaine Nights' based one..? Hmmm.


Thanks greatly to Annika and Tobi for assistance with the German!

52. Kastlein
24.00 GBP

A 60 x 90 cm print of the Kastlein design from the 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' series...