55. An Uncertain Nation?

'Ice' by Anna Kavan is a real rollercoaster of bleakness. To begin with, it seems some sort of catastrophe is driving everyone equator-ward, but as you read this breathless book a horrendous story of self-centered misogyny comes to the fore. The broken and disjointed narrative keeps the reader busy, but to me this book is an adept example of how the psychological conditions of humanity can be introduced in a fantastical setting satisfactorily.


I made two posters based on this fine book, this, and number 56. For this one I based the design on photographs of a colleague, whose distinctive features sat in my mind for several years before I could actually get this illustration finished in a satisfactory way. Thanks a lot for the patience and images, Seinab!

55. An Uncertain Nation?
25.00 GBP

80 x 50 cm poster of the guest illustrated poster. Cost includes global shipping.