2015 Oscars.. Dull?   ...Best picture for 'Whiplash'?

'Whiplash' poster. I loved this movie. Here is my effort at a poster for it.
'Whiplash', black and white version.

I haven't seen all the Oscar 2015 films, but to me the list wasn't 'quite my tempo...'.   Still, it inspired me to finish the 'Whiplash' poster I have been toying with. If you are interested in getting a giclee print, email me at 'autunpurser@hotmail.com'...


Robocop Screening Poster - The Space Merchants, April 10th 2014

On 10th April 'Science Fiction Theatre' will be showing the original, and best, 'Robocop' movie at the Duke of Wellington pub, Dalston.


This is the 5th movie in their screening series, and I was pleased to be asked to produce the poster for it. I was unsure how complex to make the design, or what to focus on... some previous screening posters, such as that by Tyler Stout for Mondo in 2008 (HERE) have already covered the 'many scenes combined' design nicely, so I decided to just go for Robocop himself. Here he is after the run-in with the other police, which is a nice bit in the film, Peter Weller does a good job in visually not computing what the heck is going on.


Anyway, the poster has been printed in a limited edition of 50 A2 prints by 'The Space Merchants' and can be ordered, along with the posters designed for their previous movie offerings, as well as cheaper A3 open ended edition prints, HERE.


If you are into printed sci-fi, 'The Space Merchants' is a great online store to pickup both the regularly encountered and more obscure sci-fi books, as well as some science fact stuff  - visit their online shop HERE.

Quatermass Posters

Here are a couple of posters for 'Quatermass' movies or series. I expect I will make more, and possibly do something with them eventually.

Quatermass (Stonehenge)
24.00 GBP

Artist: Autun Purser
Technique: Professionally printed poster
Format: 50 x 90 cm
Series: Quatermass posters