Project - Lovecraft and you

People are often asking for Lovecraft illustrations for my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' project. I will get around to doing those at some point, Innsmouth of course, some scene from 'Color Out Of Space' etc.


Until then, I have had the idea to prepare portraits for people in which they are menaced by an H.P.Lovecraft monster of their (or my) choice. I am going to keep a strict asthetic look across the portraits and number them, in order of completion and by the number of times a particular beast has been faced. I will work with a lightbox from reasonable resolution photos of the subject.


I am thinking of lauching a 'kickstarter' for this. Right now I am working on some volunteer images - such as that below, first in the series!


If you are keen , you can email me images to and I may consider using these in the demo set....

Lovecraft and You: 3 : Mei Li Lian throws in with the traitorous shuggoth worshippers of outer Tibet!

Mei Li Lian, tireless defender of piecework fantasy fiction I loathe, here joining the shuggoth worshippers... She looks pretty relaxed about that.
..I felt the need to immortalise Mei at her most glamourous. i.e. smoking.

In the previous illustration, I took it upon myself to send Noelle Glenn and Nasa to Yuggoth in the 1980's. Lovecraft did at least mention in passing the possibility of shuggoths inhabiting the Himalayas. I mixed up in this image that tidbit of information with my memories of the stunning monastry illustrations in the Judge Anderson story 'Shamballa', (so capably written by Alan Grant and illustrated with 100% conviction by Arthur Ranson), with the fears of Danforth and Dyer as they escaped from their mountain jaunt.

Lovecraft and You: 2 : Noelle Glenn and the Fungi on Yuggoth

Noelle Glenn, magnet for retro cool stuff, stuck on Yuggoth...
Here is the source photo. I tried to incorporate bits of the dress into the design. The shoulder on the spacesuit is based on a tattoo.

39. Yuggoth

For this second design I returned to the version of Yuggoth from my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' design (HERE). Noelle had a wonderful retro motorcycle helmet which I decided to use on a retro spacesuit, partially based on her dress and a pseudo-80s look (with glow effect).

Lovecraft and You: 1 : Tat Whalley and the Hounds of Tindalos

Tat Whalley, an ex-work colleague and musician / actor, was the first volunteer I illustrated for this project.
Here is the source photo. Tat sent an excellent photo to work from - high resolution, interesting background, and a distinct pose. He looks kinda like a male Lara Croft here, I thought... What should I put in that weird colourful temple?

The photos above show the sort of images and results I am trying to obtain. Wherever possible I will integrate aspects of the image background, and when I know it, the sitters personality, into the image, and maybe in some cases, the vitriol of the H.P.Lovecraft beasts...