Project - Themes and Tropes

For good or ill, certain themes are visited again and again and AGAIN by science fiction and fantasy authors.


For a bit of fun I have decided to produce a set of acrylic paintings based on some of these themes. Some are more humorous and tongue in cheek than others, but all are painted on 1cm thick board, limited to ONE PAINTING OF EACH THEME EVER, and measuring exactly 30 x 23.75 cm.


..This section will be expanded as I get time to paint new entries in the series.


in all cases, I will sell them for 100 euro, including worldwide shipping - just email me at if you want one and I will send a paypal request...

T & T 1: Bottled Babies

'T & T 1: Bottle babies'
Detail from 'T & T 1: Bottled Babies'

...Aaah, nothing says 'future' like a genetically engineered and grown workforce of humans eager to get down to a life of toil / endless sex / war, depending on the whims of the author and distopia intended.

T & T 2: Panspermia

'T & T 2: Panspermia'
Detail from 'T & T 2: Panspermia'

The idea that life fell from comets or nebula to seed life on Earth has turned up in real scientific papers, as well as in literature. This one was a fun one to paint, though I admit freely the transparent blobby 'life' falling to Earth were highly inspired by those depicted in the marvellous 1970's version of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'.

If you like these and want one, drop me an email at: