Science Fiction Groups / Stores

I am lucky in that I have to travel a fair bit for work. I have decided that wherever possible I will look up and visit science fiction / fantasy groups and shops whenever I get the chance, and detail some of my findings here.


As kindles etc. become more and more common, the days of rooting amongst dog eared paperbacks for gems of Fredric Brown or Philip K. Dick might be numbered. I suppose I should be embracing the technology fully (and it will no doubt make much scarce material available to the world at large), but I will certainly miss spending money on books to read once before having all the aged, glued pages fall out.


Here below are some of the groups whose meetings I have crashed, or shops / libraries of note I have found - click the link or banner for an overview of the organisation.

Villa Fantastica Wein - Great sci-fi and fantasy library in Vienna.
Club Cosmos - A longstanding fan group in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Science Fiction Bokhandeln - Well stocked Gothenburg store.
Subtitles cafe / Czech Poster Gallery / Screening room.
Bookshop 'Bivar' - Second hand sci-fi, Lisbon, Portugal
'Tubby and Coo's' Mid-city book shop, New Orleans