Bookshop Bivar - Lisbon, Portugal

The Portugese are a literary lot, so it is rather surprising that there are few sci-fi outlets in their capital, Lisbon. During a recent trip to the city I visited the reasonably central 'Bookshop Bivar', a secondhand bookshop with a nice range of classic to modern second hand sci-fi.


A good range of older titles is available...

Several hundred paperbacks are on display, in good condition, and covering the decades from the 1930s to the 2010s. There is a healthy mix of the more philosophical texts nestled up with the rayguns and chainmail of DAW, so something for everyone.


I always like to see 'The Saliva Tree' by Brian Aldiss. This is an underappreciated story in my opinion, and is great fun to read. I have tried to draw the overly voluptuous farm beasts and farm workers for my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' series, but I just cannot get the right ruddy tones and wanton eyes onto either the pigs, or the farmers daughter.... maybe I will give it another go...

..I dont remember Ming the Merciless being in 'Foundation'. I am drawing this story for my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' range right now... My design looks nothing like this, for good or ill.
Leena with some of my postcards.

Several of the books available are already in the 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' range, and Leena has agreed to try and sell some of my cards to her regular customers and occasional visitors.


If you find yourself in Lisbon go and buy something... There is also a good selection of regular fiction and non-fiction, if you are into that too...


...oh, and there is a very nice cheap coffee shop nearby Leena can point you toward!