Czech Poster Gallery / Subtitles Cafe

Visited: April 2015

Subtitles cafe / Czech Poster Gallery / Screening room.

Czech sci-fi cinema in the cold-war days was very different from that produced in the rest of Europe. 'Subtitles Cafe', a small coffee and cake shop in Dalston, London, is doing an admirable job of keeping these movies on display. I am a big fan of these oddities, particularly of course 'Ikarie-XB1', but the canon in general. Barrandov Studios in Prague has output many genre efforts, and continues to do so today.  'Ikarie-XB1' the best known in western Europe perhaps, but others, such as 'Who Wants to Kill Jessie?' are also worth a look - ideally in company at one of this nice venues discreet screenings.

My 'Ikarie-XB1' prints can be picked up at Subtitles Cafe, 42 Balls pond Rd.

...aside from keeping a stock of imported (and hard to get, even in the days of the internet) DVDs in store, the cafe also hosts the 'Czech Poster Gallery' - a collection of some fantastic film posters made in Czechosovakia, Poland etc. The design of these posters, even when advertising a Hollywood production, can be decidedly individual. There are many to flick through here, including many sci-fi and fantasy offerings, such as this:

Návrat z Kosmu - Back from Space poster, available from Subtitles Cafe.