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Welcome to the 'AP Illustration' webpage...


Here you can find updates on the various design projects I have completed or have underway. These include the 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' series of mock travel posters, advertising unusual locations from fiction. Prints from some of these projects can be purchased online via paypal or credit card.


28th Nov 2014. BLACK FRIDAY SALE!

For this weekend ONLY, I am offering all three of my screenprinted posters, together, for 70 British pounds, including worldwide shipping!

BLACK FRIDAY 3 screenprint deal
70 GBP
BLACK FRIDAY 3 screenprint deal
70 GBP

BLACK FRIDAY 3 screenprint deal

Available 28th Nov - 1st Dec... All three of the screenprinted 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' posters, for 70 pounds, including worldwide shipping!

Available 28th Nov - 1st Dec... All three of the screenprinted 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' posters, for 70 pounds, including worldwide shipping!


30th Oct 2014 - 'Advanced Photoshop' tutorial published - Learn how to make my travel posters!

I have written a guide outlining how I produce the 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' posters, for the November issue of 'Advanced Photoshop' magazine (issue 128).  Also provided are the files needed to build a special poster based on 'After London' by Richard Jefferies. Check it out online or in your newsagents.

Exclusive poster for 'Advanced Photoshop' tutorial - issue 128.
'Advanced Photoshop' issue 128. This is the one with me in it...

14th Sept 2014 - 'The Temple of Skulls' - Completed!

The Gollancz 'Sci Fi Masterworks' range of books is a treasure of science fiction. In almost all cases the books are enjoyable both to solid genre fans and also the more general reader. Some, such as 'The Book of Skulls' by Robert Silverberg, are only vaguely science fiction. This coming of age / philosophical tale was one of my favorites as a teenager, and was the basis of my latest design.


The print can be ordered from my shop HERE.


'The Temple of Skulls' final design... Hope Robert Silverberg likes it...!

At the recent 'Loncon 3' world science fiction convention I had the great pleasure of meeting both Malcolm Edwards, who amongst other achievements launched the 'Sci Fi Masterworks' range, and Robert Silverberg, author of 'The Book of Skulls'. They were both enthusiastic about the 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' project which I found most gratifying. Silverberg, however, pointed out that I hadn't actually done any designs from his books... and he has written a lot of books...

...A morbid fear of incurring the wrath (and possible legal actions) of authors and publishers has kept me clear of more recent books, and particularly those by still writing authors. I am most glad that after chatting to Malcolm Edwards and Robert Silverberg, I got the permission from Silverberg to do a design based on one of his books. When I told him I would like to do 'The Book of Skulls' he was pretty surprised, but said he wouldn't try and put any editorial control and I could just go ahead as I liked... Maybe he was right - some of his other books, such as 'Tower of Glass' or the various Majipoor novels, have some cracking locations in them... And the possibilities offered by his shorter stories, such as those in 'Capricorn Games', are also numerous.... arghhh, well, I have designed it now...


...and also with the whole 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' range I have tried to do wherever possible books with considerable meaning or associated memories for me. In Silverberg's case, 'The Book of Skulls'  is the No 1 choice with this in mind.

Rough layout sketches for 'The Temple of Skulls'

Project - IKARIE XB 1

In collaboration with 'Second Run DVD' we have produced a set of exclusive, limited edition lino, woodcut and stencil prints that we are giving away with purchases of their excellent DVD, 'Ikarie XB 1'  (Review HERE). If you would like to see the range, please visit the 'Ikarie XB 1' project page HERE.

The four limited edition 'IKARIE XB 1' prints available exclusively here.

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