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This is the online gallery, portfolio and shop for me, Autun Purser. I am a part-time illustrator and full-time deep sea ecologist. I am a lifelong science fiction fan and I have enjoyed some success with my series of travel posters, advertising travel to destinations from unusual fiction - the 'Fantastic Travel Destinations'.  The majority of these are available for print purchase direct from here, or from various bookshops and conventions.

May 31st - New 'Clarion West Summer Readings' poster

The 2016 Clarion West summer readings poster...I was pleased to draw this!

I have designed the 'Clarion West Summer Readings' poster again this year - I enjoyed producing the doomed astronaut last year, and this year I have made up an alien reading six books at the same time (the REAL reason they have so many stalked eyes and tentacles!)...Click HERE or on the picture to go to the Clarion West page for more information on the line up for June and July this year...

May 22nd - New 'Lovecraft and You' - shuggoth!

Mei Li Lian is on the bad team in the latest 'Lovecraft and You' image...

For this image in the 'Lovecraft and You' range I decided to have one of my longstanding friends (and big science fiction and fantasy fan) join up with the cultists. This was a fun one to draw, I love the shuggoth description in 'At The Mountains of Madness', to which I perhaps did not stick soooo closely to in this design.  Click HERE to see the full poster...

May 13th 2016 - A note on printing

My latest run of postcards, expertly printed by

Designing these travel postcards was fun, but getting 40-odd designs printed well at a good price can be difficult. When I started off, I printed in batches of 100 digitally, via  The Lewes Print Centre are super-friendly and the whole process was smooth. As I have a few big conventions coming up I decided to start printing in large batches, using lithoprinting. For this I have used This company print many art school project books, posters, postcards, a huge range of very splendid physical things actually... I am planning some novel products for the next two Eurocons, both of which I am attending.

April 12th - Lovecraft and You - Poster 2

A more 1980's look for the second poster in the series - glow effect too... Have a look at the source photo HERE.

Noelle Glenn is on Pluto (Yuggoth) in the 1980s. I dont really know why.

March 23rd - Lovecraft and You - New project

I am preparing portraits of people who send me photos of themselves integrated with Lovecraftian beasts... Click on the image below, the first completed example, or HERE to see more about this new project.

'Tat Whalley and the Hounds of Tindalos' - the first illustration in my new 'Lovecraft and You' project.

Late Feb 2016 - New Orleans - Tubby and Coo's

Me and Rob at 'Tubby and Coo's' in New Orleans

In Feburary I had the fantastic chance to visit New Orleans for work. On the side of this I attended the 'Discourse and Donuts' event at Tubby and Coo's  bookshop. I talked a bit about my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' series and drawing in general. I would like to thank the organisers and those who attended this fun evening. I have some comments on the bookshop HERE. It is a great place for unusual gifts and second hand (and new) sci-fi and fantasy.

March 2nd 2016 - Hugo Fan Artist 2016 - Autun Purser eligible works

It is Hugo nomination time again and I have been asked by a few people what I have that makes me eligible for the 'Hugo Fan Artist' award. Mostly this year I have carried on with my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' series, with also the cover and some interior art for the fanzine 'Journey Planet' (Issue 24) and the poster for the 'Clarion West' summer reading series for 2015. These, and some of the 2015 crop of 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' posters are below. The majority have been shown at Picocon 32, Eastercon 2015, or available online in fanzines etc. All have been on display here since date of completion.

2015 Hugo award fan artist eligible - Special 3D poster produced for the small 'Picocon' festival in London, for 2015... limited in print run to 32, one copy for each year the festival has run. You need those cool blue and red glasses to see 3D triffids!
2015 Hugo award fan artist eligible - this is one of my favorite 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' prints so far finished. I was well pleased with the blood splattered window and the towers...
2015 Hugo award fan artist eligible - Cover for 'Journey Planet' issue 24.
2015 Hugo award fan artist eligible - Unusually, the author of this 'Fantastic Travel Destination' is still attending conventions. I met Frances Hardinge a few years ago and in 2015 I finished this design based on the town from 'A Face Like Glass'.
2015 Hugo award fan artist eligible - I produced this special, freely available for download and printing (also a 3D version) poster to celebrate the Pluto flyby... exciting stuff that was / is!
Poster for the 'Clarion West' series of summer talks.
2015 Hugo award fan artist eligible - Fantastic Travel Destinations No 51 - Westville

October 16th 2015 - New book cover - 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'

The new Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks edition of 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' by Ray Bradbury!

This new edition of 'Something Wicked This Way comes' was published by Gollancz last week, as part of their fine 'Fantasy Masterworks' series. I am very pleased to have a cover in the range, the latest iteration of the series has been graced with very elegant signs...Mine is rather brash in comparison.. still, I am very happy they have used the image. I drew the image (and put together the associated 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' poster), the week Bradbury died. A great writer of unusual fiction, and it is nice to see this particular story remaining popular alongside 'The Illustrated Man' and 'The Martian Chronicles'.

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