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This is the online gallery, portfolio and shop for me, Autun Purser. I am a part-time illustrator and full-time deep sea ecologist. I am a lifelong science fiction fan and I have enjoyed some success with my series of travel posters, advertising travel to destinations from unusual fiction - the 'Fantastic Travel Destinations'.  The majority of these are available for print purchase direct from here, or from various bookshops and conventions.

16th December 2016 - B-Con over, U-Con coming

Colour-Your-Own-Cthulhu - Image stolen from Ian Watson's official website (click picture to visit!)

Barcelona Eurocon was great fun - and thanks a lot to all of you who came and said hello... Here above is the black and white design for the travelcard I designed for the convention - coloured in with vomitous crayons by the attendees... on the sci-fi calendar for me will be U-Con in Dortmund next year... the new poster for which is below:


U-Con 2017 - next summer! I designed the poster for what will surely be a fun event. I will bring some of my new images based on 'Star Maker' by Stapledon.

November 10th 2016 - Back from the sea!

I am back from the sea and back to work... following a great time in Barcelona at Eurocon. Thanks a lot for making it such a fun time, fellow con attendees!


Here below is a sketch poster I made from one of the interesting ecosystems we surveyed during cruise PS101 to the Karasik Seamount, just south of the North Pole. More soon!


PS101 - Karasik Seamount - Fissure poster
JPG image [4.8 MB]

September 9th - October 23rd 2016 - AT SEA!

PS101 - I will be on 'FS Polarstern', one of the best research icebreakers in the world, for the next two months. I designed the cruise mission patch, above.

Throughout September and October I will be travelling to and using robots to expore the most northerly volcanic vents on Earth, at the Karasik seamount, 87 N. We will be taking an international team of scientists and engineers to explore for the first time in detail this deep, almost unknown ecosystem... I will be sending out occasional .pdf blogs from the ship - if you are interested in receiving these email me on board after 9th September at '' and I will add you to the list...



'Polarstern' - An extremely capable vessel, and a fun one to be aboard.



I will next be attending Eurocon in November, see some of you there!

23rd August - Science posters

Meri Bilan with our two science posters

Together with several collaborators, I recently authored a scientific paper in a book on 'animal forests' - the concept that coral reefs are much like forests in some ways, with various habitat niches providing places for different animals to live - in the upper branches, at the base of the reef etc. Anyway, in collaboration with a visiting scientist (Meri Bilan, above), we produced a few posters to illustrate this. Meri did all the ink work and I the colouration. Anyway, here are the posters:

Several typical Norwegian cold water coral reef animals amongst the coral 'forest'
A terrestrial forest and some of the supported animals.

July 27th - High Rise - Blu-ray review

I am a huge Ballard fan. I have drawn illustrations for more of his stories than for anyone elses. I take a look HERE at the new blu-ray release of 'High Rise'.

May 31st - New 'Clarion West Summer Readings' poster

The 2016 Clarion West summer readings poster...I was pleased to draw this!

I have designed the 'Clarion West Summer Readings' poster again this year - I enjoyed producing the doomed astronaut last year, and this year I have made up an alien reading six books at the same time (the REAL reason they have so many stalked eyes and tentacles!)...Click HERE or on the picture to go to the Clarion West page for more information on the line up for June and July this year...

May 13th 2016 - A note on printing

My latest run of postcards, expertly printed by

Designing these travel postcards was fun, but getting 40-odd designs printed well at a good price can be difficult. When I started off, I printed in batches of 100 digitally, via  The Lewes Print Centre are super-friendly and the whole process was smooth. As I have a few big conventions coming up I decided to start printing in large batches, using lithoprinting. For this I have used This company print many art school project books, posters, postcards, a huge range of very splendid physical things actually... I am planning some novel products for the next two Eurocons, both of which I am attending.

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