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Conventions - Attendance and designs

Ihave been involved in science fiction conventions for less than a decade, but in these years I have attended a number, meeting some great people and enjoyed much discussion on the relative values of western and Sci-Fi. I have enjoyed the change to promote the older canon novels via my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' postcards and support with new illustrations writers working today. I have also produced some of the convention artwork. Here below details of some of my participation / designs produced for recent conventions...

SFerakon 2018 - Zagreb, Croatia

Wow, I loved this convention. I was 'Illustrator guest of honour' - and it was an honour!  As you travel eastward across the continent of Europe, there are more and more sci-fi fans with a deep interest in Lem, the Strugatskys, Zamyatin etc. These are my real favorite genre writers so it was a real pleasure to encounter so many with knowledge and opinions on these writers and their books. Additionally, the general youthfulness of the attendees was heartening in what to me at least seems a rather aging community of convention-goers, in general. Myself and Leto Williams had a great time throughout, though I wish I had been able to perform better at 'Werewolf'....


...Above is the limited edition print I sold at the convention, and that was provided free to all as a postcard at the convention.

Eurocon 2017 - Dortmund, Germany

After meeting the Eurocon 2017 organisers at the London Worldcon a few years ago, they offered me the 'Artist Guest of Honour' spot at the U CON Eurocon in 2017. As a scientist working with the impressive German deep sea infrastructure for my real job (see HERE), it was a treat to produce some fresh illustrations for this German Eurocon, and also some new designs based on German texts for my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' range of posters. Thanks for a great time, team!

Eurocon 2016 - Barcelona, Spain

I designed some of the booklet and advertising art for Eurocon 2016, Barcelona. This was a lot of fun. I let Cthulhu run rampant in the city (as did co-organiser, Ian Watson, in one of his fine short stories) for one of my limited edition prints. For another limited edition design, I took inspiration from a travel destination poster from Barcelona beach in the 1930s. I increased the number of arms of the beachgoers and updated the horizonline view for my version....