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Seed Pods

I enjoyed playing graphical text adventures when i was a kid. I have decided to create one during this quarantine period. It is big, multiplayer and played over email. Pre-game mailouts start on May 8th 2020, with the game itself starting at the start of June.


Play is FREE, send an email to and you will be assigned a player number and start receiving the mailouts on May 8th.


..Players will be dropped onto an alien world as explorers, and charged with deciding on colony viability. There will be occasional interaction between players, but mostly play will take place in isolation. Like out lives right now....

For this game I am mixing Gemini / Apollo era aesthetics with the limited colour palette and bold image design of the 'Level 9 Computing' games of the 1980s. In contrast to those early games there will be several role playing elements, such as home planet selection, socioeconomic status, key personality adjectives. Depending on how a player selects these options, differing paths and adventures will be possible.

8th May - Pre-game - Day 1/20

SEED PODS - Pregame - Day 1/20 - .pdf download
..Here is a printable .pdf of pre-game day 1.
Adobe Acrobat document [12.5 MB]

9th May - Pre-game - Day 2/20

SEED PODS - Pregame - 2/20
..Here is the pregame day 2 summary!
Adobe Acrobat document [12.1 MB]

11th May - Pre-Game - Day 3/20

SEED PODS - Pregame - 3/20
...Here is the pregame day 3 summary to download for printing.
Adobe Acrobat document [12.5 MB]

13th May - Pre-Game - Day 4/20

Pre-Game Day 4/20
Adobe Acrobat document [13.6 MB]

14th May 2020 - Pre-Game - Day 5/20

Pre-Game Day 5/20
New file download
Pre-Game Day 6/20 .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [13.5 MB]
Seed Pods - Pre-Game Day 7/20 .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [14.6 MB]
Seed Pods - Pre-game Day 8 .pdf
New file download
Seed Pods - Pre-game Day 9 .pdf
New file download
Seed Pods Pre-Game 10/20
Adobe Acrobat document [13.9 MB]
Seed Pods - Pre-game Day 11/20
Adobe Acrobat document [12.8 MB]
Seed Pods Pre-game Day 12/20
Adobe Acrobat document [17.0 MB]
Seed Pods Pre-Game Day 13/20
Adobe Acrobat document [16.6 MB]

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