Autun Purser Illustration – online gallery and shop

This is the online gallery, portfolio and shop for me, Autun Purser. I am a part-time illustrator and full-time deep sea ecologist. I am a lifelong science fiction fan and I have enjoyed some success with my series of travel posters, advertising travel to destinations from unusual fiction - the 'Fantastic Travel Destinations'.  The majority of these are available for print purchase direct from here, or from various bookshops and conventions.

9th October 2017 - Twin Peaks Return

I know I am a bit late with this, but I have just completed a total 'Twin Peaks' rewatch, followed by a binge of the new series. Wow. That was some series! What a wonder of TV that was.


8th October 2017 - Marine beasts

One of our major research projects is coming to a close. We have been investigating the potential impacts deep sea mining may have on the seafloor communities. I have sketched several of the beasts which inhabit Manganese nodule ecosystems...

Two beasts imaged on the south Pacific seafloor during a JPIOceans cruise

13th September 2017 - Smokopolitan cover

The central and eastern European sci-fi community have been pretty supportive of my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' posters. Fiction from these regions has always appealed to me, and I was really happy to produce the latest cover for the Polish sci-fi magazine, Smokopolitan. This particular volume, downloadable free HERE, focuses on Polish sci-fi, both contemporary and historical. As a massive Lem fan, I based my design on an astronaut, enjoying a stroll on 'Solaris'.


Smokopolitan, Volume 9. Click the image to reach the download page.

12th September 2017 - Deep Sea beasts

I am working on a few illustrations for a forthcoming book on deep sea corals... here are some of the drafts:

2nd September 2017 - Blu-rays and DVDs

Over the last few months I have been working on the mockups for some Blu-ray and DVD covers, as well as designing 4 logos for forthcoming research cruises. I have also been working on a few more 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' posters, some of which were requested in Dortmund a few months ago... watch this space!

Component of a 'Charley Varrick' cover mockup I have been working on... Unusually monster free!

20th June 2017 - U-Con report

Limited edition Dortmund print - given free with orders of 25 euro... sold out!

Well, I and my family had a great time in Dortmund... Great thanks to the organising team for inviting me and being so helpful. Me and my family all enjoyed ourselves greatly. As always it is a pleasure to meet so many fans of unusual fiction, and to pick up some new ideas on where to illustrate next...


A shameful absence of 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' by German writers has to a small extent now been mitigated by including a destination from 'Das Glasperlenspiel' by  Hermann Hesse. Click on the image to take a look at it in more detail.


I designed this new print for the Eurocon, where I sold out of prints. Some of you have ordered copies - these are being sent this week. If you would like a copy in the traditional larger size, please click on the image to reach the order page.

27th April 2017 - U-Con preparations

In six weeks I will be the 'Artist Guest of Honour' at the Eurocon in Dortmund. I am hugely looking forward to that and I am at present working on a few new bits and pieces to release there. There will be at least one new 'Fantastic Travel Destination' screenprint... Click on the image below to get more info on the convention.


U-Con 2017 - next summer! I designed the poster for what will surely be a fun event. I will bring some of my new images based on 'Star Maker' by Stapledon.

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