Autun Purser - Design and Illustration

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11th July 2019 - Large paintings underway    

I have started work on large acrylic paintings based on my recent illustrations from Antarctica. The first of these designs is now completed, (see above). These designs are 1.5 x 1.0 m size, with a black surround frame containing the text from the initial print. See these HERE.

19th May 2019 - End of Thrones...     

I only do sketches of TV and movie stars for commissions, or when I am attending a convention with a particular person. I had the chance to meet Gemma Whelan a few years ago in Antwerp at a sci-fi convention. She did not hate this illustration of her as Yara Greyjoy - thankfully!


21st April 2019 - Back from Antarctica

I have just returned from several months in the Weddell Sea, onboard the icebreaker 'FS POLARSTERN'. I was running the deep sea camera systems for the cruise, as well as making a number of illustrations. Thanks very much to all PS118 participants for making the cruise such an enjoyable experience.

Antarctica Designs


IThere was plenty of source material to sketch from during my Polarstern cruise, such as this illustraton of the Powell Basin seafloor, based on a photograph from my underwater camera system. A selection of other images can be seen at the bottom of this page too....

Latest 'Fantastic Travel Destination' posters - 'Ice' by Anna Kavan

'Ice' , by Anna Kavan is a very odd book, obstensibly presenting the account of a global environmental crisis, but in actuality reporting on the acidic destruction of a toxic relationship. Great stuff! I made two posters based on this book, each showing one of the key protagonists. The female based on my friend and occasional colleague, Seinab Malina... thanks, Seinab!


Weddell Sea and Powell Basin sketches

I just returned from the Weddell Sea / Powell Basin in Antarctica, where I operated the deep sea camera systems for the research vessel, FS POLARSTERN. As well as operating these, I took the opportunity to make a number of sketches of these frozen and icelocked ecosystems. Some of these sketches I have worked up into the illustrations above... At some point these will be made available as sets of postcards.