Autun Purser - Design and Illustration

This is the website for my various design activities. Although I have a reasonably diverse portfolio of design work completed, I am probably best known for my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' series of posters advertising travel to locations from fiction... Right now I am putting together a 'play by email' game where players explore a Stanislaw Lem-type alien planet - SEED PODS (see below or click the link) one turn per day. This was supposed to be a fun thing for this COVID-19 period, but actually, has become all encompassing.


For my other work, please visit the 'Projects' section.

17th Jan 2022 - Fish Nests

Well, I expected some publicity for our recent discovery of the Antarctic fish nests, but I did not expect sooo much publicity! Here is a sketch i made of a beautiful nesting ice fish!

5th December 2021 - Etsy store open

Finally, I have got around to opening an etsy store... visit here:

2nd Deceember 2021 - Science Twitter

In the next few months I will have some exciting scientific publications coming to press. In advance of this, I have set up my twitter account for science, @seabedbiologist. Feel free to visit, I will be putting a few illustrations up on that page too.

5th November 2021 - New Lem travel destination

I am working on various projects at the moment, including a set of 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' posters based on books by women. Here, however, is a design I have been working on since my last cruise, based on the planet Zeta Lyrae VI discussed briefly in 'The Invincible' By Stanislaw Lem.

6th August 2021 - New postcards coming...

I have had a busy few months in the Arctic and Antarctic. During these I have produced another set of postcards. These will go to the printers THIS WEEK!


Watch this space...

20th July 2021 - Back on land, new poster(s)

I had the chance to take part in 3 research expeditions during the last 12 months, and I have made a number of designs based on these. I also used some of my quarantine time to work on some more 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' posters, such as thiss one, from 'The Invincible' by Stanislaw Lem... one of my favorites from the great Polish writer.

25th April 2021 - New 'Fantastic Travel Destination'

I am back on shore for a few weeks, and have put together a new 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' poster, based on 'Love is the plan, the plan is death' by James Tiptree jr / Alice B. Sheldon....


31st Jan - 5 th April 2021 - Antarctica

I am about to take the longest ever Lufthansa flight to the Falkland Islands, to join the research vessel RV POLARSTERN. I Will then be in Antarctica , the Weddell Sea, for two months... please dont order anything from my shop until my return! Thanks!

ABOVE: Cool logo for our special flight!   BELOW: Cool logo for our research expedition. I didn't design either of these, this time!

6th Jan 2021 - Journey Planet #56

In the last few days of 2020, I had the pleasure of designing the cover for the fanzine 'Journey Planet'. With issue 56 focusing on 'The Mandalorian' and 'Star Wars', I decided to design the cover in the style of the Bronze Age Marvel 'Star Wars' comics I read as hand-downs as a kid. I like the slavish following of design rules laid down in ancient media...

The fanzine is free to download HERE.

Dec 2020 - 'Seed Pods' not dead!

For those of y ou interested in my SEED PODS project, please do not give up hope. My recent work commitments have thrown a spanner in the works, but behind the scenes there is much going on here - this skeleton will turn up for some players (though not as above, this is a layer extracted from a far more complex image)... and a guest illustrator is also working one one of the storylines - I wont say more as that will spoil the surprises... Those of you who sent images for inclusion, perhaps you have already been drawn, perhaps you soon will be...!??!

Nov 2020 - School closure day trips

Here in Bremen, Germany, we are experiencing various waves of school closures, travel restrictions etc. - just like the rest of the world. I have been 'coaxing' my family into various trips to local sites of dubious general interest but high graphic potential, such as forests, palaeolithic tombs and rundown areas of the city. I have been working from these outings on illustrations aimed at linocut printing, such as this one below, based on mushrooms observed in the village of Steinhimmel.

20th August 2020 - 'Doors of Eden' published!

The last few years has seen the author Adrian Tchaikovsky add to his plethora of fantasy novels with a number of well received Science Fiction novels. With 'Children of Time' he won the 2016 Arthur C. Clarke award with a tale featuring super-evolved spiders, and today his new novel is published 'The Doors of Eden'...


To mark the release I have produced some illustrations based on the 'interlude' sections within this sizable and zesty book. I do not want to give too much away, but each deals with how Earth may have ended up if things had been a little different.Making these illustrations was a real pleasure as Adrian has hypothesized some very different situations and civilizations in this bumper book.
..Over the next days I will trickle-feed these illustrations to you!


--Here below are the first few...


Order the book from the usual places, or find the signed hardback editions at Forbidden Planet bundled with a postcard from this series...

Great reviews flood the internet, from the serious Guardian ( , within the scientific popular press (, and even from real people...(


The book is also available as an audiobook, so you could spend the 18 hrs play time looking through my illustrations as the prose unfolds around you?


Go buy it!

CURRENT PROJECT - Seed Pods game

Greetings to all. Like everybody, I am in a mix of quarantine, social distancing, lockdown and stress. During this time I have designed a graphical text adventure for play over email - one turn per day - the perfect pace of play for this quarantine situation.... Read a bit about the game my clicking HERE or on the image above. Basically, players get to enjoy a Stanislaw Lem-type universe from the inside, and all the confusions and misunderstandings that will bring them.... how could that NOT BE FUN!!!!

I am going for a 'Gemini' period aesthetic for this game, though the plot and situations is much more Lem-mian...

14th January 2020 - New Postcards available for pre-order

My new postcard range from this cruise is available to view and purchase HERE.

31st July 2019 - Large cruise paintings

From illustrations I produced on a recent research cruise to Antarctica, I am midway through the production of large acrylic paintings... see above, for wall mounted, and below, for a sense of scale...