Autun Purser Illustration – online gallery and shop

This is the online gallery, portfolio and shop for me, Autun Purser. I am a part-time illustrator and full-time deep sea ecologist. I am a lifelong science fiction fan and I have enjoyed some success with my series of travel posters, advertising travel to destinations from unusual fiction - the 'Fantastic Travel Destinations'.  The majority of these are available for print purchase direct from here, or from various bookshops and conventions.

7th Feb 2018 - SO261 Cruise logo

Next month I will be at sea again, this time on the German ship 'Sonne'. We will be exploring the Atacama trench, which runs the length of South America, with a host of camera, lander and biogeochemical systems. I had the opportunity to design the logo for this mission, above. I placed some fish in the image, which probably will not be swimming around the device pictured, as it will investigate the seafloor several 1000's of meters deeper than any fish have yet been filmed... still, fingers crossed for some new, exciting, results....

6th Feb 2018 - Marseille web 'game'

I have been working on an interactive web 'game', based around a strange version of Marseille...basically, players can explore by clicking on the screen and hopefully find some fun illustrations and story components...COMING 'SOON'!

26th Jan 2018 - Unknown waitress

Hi all. Apologies for the the delay - I have been hugely busy at work, but also with a fair few illustration projects... examples of some of which will be put online in the next few days. I spent several days in Italy over New Years, and did a number of sketches of views etc. Whilst drawing one, a waitress asked if I could also do people... well, she had interesting hair so I asked her if she wanted drawing... the result is here above. The flowers are based on real ones from the 'Lago Maggiore'...


25th Jan 2018 - Gardner Farm (Arkham Hills)

Fantastic Travel Destination 53: Gardner Farm

Another H.P.Lovecraft inspired destination - this time the doomed well from 'The Color Out Of Space', rather than the much requested 'Innsmouth'. I am pretty hopeless on delivering what you people actually WANT on your walls, huh? Sorry about that. Possibly this year I get 'Innsmouth' finished...

9th October 2017 - Twin Peaks Return

I know I am a bit late with this, but I have just completed a total 'Twin Peaks' rewatch, followed by a binge of the new series. Wow. That was some series! What a wonder of TV that was.


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