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Autun Purser - Design and Illustration

This is the website for my various design activities. Although I have a reasonably diverse portfolio of design work completed, I am probably best known for my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' series of posters advertising travel to locations from fiction... Click on the image below to explore these further. For my other work, please visit the 'Projects' section.

14th January 2020 - New Postcards available for pre-order

My new postcard range from this cruise is available to view and purchase HERE.

3rd November 2019 - 'Bait' movie

Following a long period at sea, it is always a treat to catch up with whatever obtuse bits of zeitgeisty culture I may have missed. 


Whilst sitting in the bath last week devouring the 'Sight and Sound' magazines published during my recent cruises to the high Arctic, I was intrigued by the reviews and mentions of the new film 'Bait' by Mark Jenkin. A drama set in a Cornish village (near one I actually grew up in myself), the film deals with various characters attempting to make a life and living in the 21st century countryside, where permanent community structure and physical, landscape based earning options are giving way to twee airbnb weekend retreaters and tourist pap. The premise was enough to hook me, given the amount of time i have mulled over Cornish art colonies, books like 'Akenfield', 'The Worm Forgives the Plough', early passages within 'Mythago Wood' and 'The Stone Book Quartet'. On top of that, 'Bait' was filmed with a suitably rigid aesthetic I found hugely appealing; Mark Jenkin as key creative force taking charge of the 1976 16mm cameras, one lens, home developing the filmstock, making the music etc. HERE the creative process is briefly described. Amazingly the film combines strong narrative with beautiful shots and a firm integrity of vision. Like the recent 'Rusty Brown' graphic novel volume by Chris Ware, it is heartening that some solo creative forces manage to make a living, and headway, in our current, fairly desperate creative climate.


By luck, 'Bait' was playing at the 'Kino in Künsterhaus' in Hannover, the evening after i read about the film. The quick train journey was certainly worth taking for this splendidly individual film. Please go see it and support it. DVD / Blu-ray comes out on Jan 20th 2020 if you cannot get to an appropriate cinema - order it HERE.

29th October 2019 - Sentimental agents...

I am taking a few days off work after my recent cruises. I decided to finally give The 'Canopus in Argos' series of books by Doris Lessing a decent chance. I find much of her non-scifi fiction suitably unusual, and have several ideas for using her short stories in my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' range of illustrations.The 5 books in the Argos series are curiously presented in most editions - these typographic covers, with the multicoloured serif and sans-serif text separated by simple lines have always mildly intrigued me. How else could the publishers present these odd books?

21st October 2019 - Back from the High Arctic...

I got back from almost three continuous months at sea, on PS121 (RV POLARSTERN) and HK19 (RV KRONPRINS HAKKON) to the Arctic. I would like to thank the participants and crews of these two cruises for their help and humour during fairly tough conditions. I have produced a number of illustrations from these cruises, which can be inspected HERE (PS121) and HERE (HK19).

31st July 2019 - Large cruise paintings

From illustrations I produced on a recent research cruise to Antarctica, I am midway through the production of large acrylic paintings... see above, for wall mounted, and below, for a sense of scale...

Weddell Sea and Powell Basin sketches

I just returned from the Weddell Sea / Powell Basin in Antarctica, where I operated the deep sea camera systems for the research vessel, FS POLARSTERN. As well as operating these, I took the opportunity to make a number of sketches of these frozen and icelocked ecosystems. Some of these sketches I have worked up into the illustrations above... At some point these will be made available as sets of postcards.