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This is the online gallery, portfolio and shop for me, Autun Purser. I am a part-time illustrator and full-time deep sea ecologist. I am a lifelong science fiction fan and I have enjoyed some success with my series of travel posters, advertising travel to destinations from unusual fiction - the 'Fantastic Travel Destinations'.  The majority of these are available for print purchase direct from here, or from various bookshops and conventions.

25th September 2018 - cursed webshop!

I have had some problems with order shipping the last 6 weeks - so if you have not had any shipping info from me, please email me directly on Thanks!

16th August 2018 - Cold-Water Coral

I am just back from yet another cruise. This time I placed timelapse cameras around a cold-water coral reef, to monitor coral and fauna behaviour over time. I took 20,000 images with Raspberry Pi based camera systems which now need analysing.... Also, I took some source material for tentacle-y illustrations. Thanks a lot to the crew and scientific party of Poseidon POS526.

Me in the JAGO submarine, at the Tisler Reef, Norway. Great fun!
Photograph of Tisler Reef , taken by the GEOMAR JAGO Team, August 2018
Detail from a design I am working on, based on the photograph above... looks a little overly colourful on RGB display...

June - August 2018 - New 'Fantastic Travel Destinations'

I am awash with work at the moment, but still keen to work on 'Fantastic Travel Destinations'. Early this summer I completed a pair based on the unusual book 'Ice' by Anna Kavan. This REALLY is the sort of book I am keen to promote with this range of illustrations. Anyone who knows the work will know that it focuses on an incroaching man-made ice age crushing all before it, and the haphazard pursuit of a woman by a less than pleasant partner. I produced two posters for this book, varying a particular scene to show each of these protagonists. The woman was based on a colleague of mine, Seinab Malina, who I had photographed several years ago specifically for this project. In the end I did not use the initial photograph but badgered her incessantly for various other alternate poses until I got one I was happy with... apologies Seinab!


For the second poster I used an image of a WWII soldier for the base of the illustration. The two full versions are below:

Getting this poster correct caused me more headaches than most. I wanted to do justification to an extremely novel story, whilst also representing the model correctly... AND the fjord setting, and the ice, and the concrete... argh!
A real strength of 'Ice' in my opinion is the description of the 'hero'. What a unaware scumbag he is!?! Is he an everyman? I hope NOT!

11-13th May 2018 - SFERAKON 2018

I will be joining 'SFERAKON 2018' in Zagreb, Croatia this weekend. I will be taking part in some panel discussions as well as giving a talk on 'Aliens of Extreme Marine Environments'... Here attendees will get the chance to see some of the new footage we have collected from the Deep Sea Seafloor during recent cruises... as well as be introduced to some of the truly sci-fi way some marine beasts go about their daily business.


As with other recent conventions I have taken part in, I have designed a special limited edition print for the occasion - limited in print run to the number of years a convention has been running... so, for this event the pritn run will be 40.


I have taken an old 1920s cover of 'Svijet' magazine, by the Italian born but Zagreb based illustrator Otto Antonini as my inspiration for this conventions design. I have updated it by including a bit of current Zagreb architecture, and of course replaced Antonini's fine figures with my own aliens, stranded spacemen and dressing-gown clad robots.


I will have a booth at the event, so please come find me... If you want a copy of this particular print, they will be given to the first 40 people spending more than 20 euro or 150 Kn on my other posters and postcards!


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