Autun Purser - Design and Illustration

This is the website for my various design activities. Although I have a reasonably diverse portfolio of design work completed, I am probably best known for my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' series of posters advertising travel to locations from fiction... Click on the image below to explore these further. For my other work, please visit the 'Projects' section.

31st July 2019 - Large cruise paintings

From illustrations I produced on a recent research cruise to Antarctica, I am midway through the production of large acrylic paintings... see above!

Weddell Sea and Powell Basin sketches

I just returned from the Weddell Sea / Powell Basin in Antarctica, where I operated the deep sea camera systems for the research vessel, FS POLARSTERN. As well as operating these, I took the opportunity to make a number of sketches of these frozen and icelocked ecosystems. Some of these sketches I have worked up into the illustrations above... At some point these will be made available as sets of postcards.