Polar Oceans 2019

During 2019 I had the opportunity to spend several months in both the Antarctic and Arctic, aboard the research ships RV POLARSTERN and KRONPRINS HAAKON. During these cruises I ran the towed seafloor camera system and made a number of georeferenced sketches of ice conditions, animals, flora, seafloor geology and atmospheric skys. From these illustrations I have put together a set of 20 postcards and I am working on large acrylic paintings based on some of the designs.

2019 will perhaps be remembered as the year during which a global consensus that climate change is a real process was reached. I had the opportunity to observe the giant iceberg A68 firsthand, after it broke from the Larsen ice sheet. By georeferencing all my sketches perhaps revisits to these remote regions will allow subsequent sketch artists to record the ongoing changes impacting on these distant seas. The full range of postcards are shown below, with a link for A3 poster or A5 postcard sets below these...

'Proper' post cards suitable for snail-mail...!