Giclée prints

Giclée prints are high quality digital prints, made with top quality inks, with excellent equipment and often with a strictly limited print run. I have started making these in reasonably priced runs for those who might enjoy some of my designs at home. I will release these chaotically, but will always include all of the edition details on this website, as well as notes on the prints.

Giclée print 1 : Vittrup man

Giclée print 2 : Dungeness

Dungeness, Kent, is famous for a few things; Derek Jarman, a miniature railway, an amazingly biodiverse nature reserve, and a shut down nuclear power station. It is also, aside from Cape Canaveral in the USA, apparently the largest expanse of shingle anywhere on Earth. This shingle, coupled with the exposed aspect, sticking out as it does into the English Channel, makes for an unusual and changable ecology, over scales of days, weeks and years. Nothing and no view ever appears the same twice, the weather and flora changes so completely, so rapidly, that you could probably draw exactly the same view daily and not a sketch would be particularly similar. Anyway, the second print in my range is a view of the power station, from quite close to Derek Jarman's house, showing the flowering gorse from earlier this spring in the foreground. I always enjoy the tiny, occasional houses dotted around the power station, like they have dropped in from another view entirely.