Current Projects

These are the most active of my current, ongoing projects...

Fantastic Travel Destinations

Inspired by the British Rail travel posters common in the UK from the 1930s - 1960s, I am creating a number of designs advertising the dubious pleasures offered by a range of destinations from unusual fiction. These posters have proved quite popular and have been used for book covers and for convention publicity.

The Polar Oceans 2019

During 2019 I had the opportunity to visit the Arctic twice and the Antarctic once on research vessels. On these pages you can see some of the illustrations I produced from these remote oceans.... Also, you can purchase a set of 20 designs as A5 postcards.

Seed Pods

I am designing an email based game - designed to place the player in a Stanislaw Lem-type universe via a 1980s graphical text adventure type interface.... join up here!

Doors of Eden Illustrations

For the launch of 'Doors of Eden' by Adrian Tchaikovsky I had the opportunity to make some illustrations based on the 'Interlude' sections of the novel - I am posting these here throughout August and Sepember 2020.

Marine Ecosystem Tea Cards

As a kid growing up in the UK during the 1980s, I was exposed to tiny illustrations on bits of cardboard every time a new box of tea was opened. Brooke Bond, a major tea producer, used to package a small 'tea card' within each box, usually from a set of 50 cards on a theme, which could be collected and mounted in a cheap booklet. I LOVED this process and these tea cards. I have therefore decided to start my own project to replicate such a booklet and tea card set... based on 'Marine Ecosystems'.

Book and magazine covers

As a life long unusual fiction fan it has given me great pleasure to provide covers for both some classic texts, and for some new books by up and coming writers. Additionally, I have enjoyed designing themed edition covers for fanzines. Some of these are here.

Movie Posters

I have designed posters for a few movie screenings. Some of these are presented here.

Scientists at Sea - RV SONNE 261

In 2018 I was part of an expedition to the Atacama trench - a deep region of the Pacific Ocean adjacent to Chile. I made a number of illustrations of the scientific participants. Many of these can be found here.

ABC Animals

A to Z books are an easy thing to hang design on. Here I made myself draw 26 animals in 26 days...(Terrestrial animals, not my usual foci!)

Ikarie XB1

A few years ago 'Second Run' released a DVD of this magnificient Czech film. Based on one of the more obscure Stanislaw Lem short stories, the movie follows the crew of the 'Ikarie XB 1' starship on the first voyage to another sun. Wonderfully designed, adult and funny, this movie has inspired many subsequent film makers... I presented this movie at several sci-fi conventions and with a collaborator (Keith Purser) produced some linocuts, illustrations and stencils based on the film... see these here:


Various portraits I have made over the years - a less than exhaustive selection, some of which cropped from posters or book covers, others designed directly from life...

Conventions - Posters and appearances

I have attended a number of conventions during the last decade, and have had the chance to design some of the artwork for these... examples can be found on this page..

Pen and  Ink

Virtually everything I do starts as a sketch made directly in ink onto paper. I seldom layout with pencil first. All my 'Fantastic Travel Destinations' posters etc. are digitally coloured after scanning the inked design, but sometimes the ink design is the final design... as in these examples...

Lovecraft and You

I thought it would be fun to draw some portraits of people with their favorite Lovecraftian beasts integrated into the image... Here are some examples, and apologies for those waiting for portraits still...!